Jean-Pierre Jans

Jean-Pierre studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hasselt (Belgium) and specialised with a Master’s Degree in Documentary Photography and Portraits. He received a scholarship from the Mondriaan Stichting for a photo project in Tuva (Central Asia). For this project he captured the daily life of the population. He visited shamans and nomads in the tundra’s, but also alcoholics in prison after drinking away their wages in the city.

In 1995 Jean-Pierre won the second price in the category Foreign Documentary of the Zilveren Camera Contest, a Dutch photo journalism contest. He first started working as a freelance photo journalist for a regional newspaper De Limburger, later he worked for ANP (General Dutch Press Agency) and the newspapers Het Parool and Trouw. He joined the Volkskrant and the photo agency Hollandse Hoogte until 2009.
Jean-Pierre’s work is often characterized by funny little decisive moments in everyday live. During the past couple of years he travelled all over the world, and visited countries like China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, USA.

At the moment Jean-Pierre is mainly working for magazines, commercial assignments and advertising agencies, including HP/De Tijd, Het Parool, Trouw, Fem- Business, Marketing Tribune, Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPN, Prins Bernard fonds, Gemeente Amsterdam, George Magazine, re-Public, Hoogte 80, Ymere Werkt, Spaarnenieuws, PWC In Zake Uw Zaken and de Beeldredactie.

Over the years he received numerous awards at the Zilveren Camera Contest.
1995: Category Foreign Documentary Series – Prison for alcoholics in Tuva
1997: Category Documentary Series – A Nursing home in a Monastery
1998: Category Portraits – Prof cyclist Briek Schotte
1999: Category Arts & Culture – Archtect Kuroka (wing Van Gogh Museum)
1999: Category Arts & Culture – Theater Dogtroep
2003: Category Portraits – Klapstoel (portraits of famous Dutch people including a folding chair)
2005: Category Foreign News Series – Pakistan after the earthquake
2006: Category Foreign News – Merapi Volcano in Yogyakarta
2006: Category Political News – Jan Marijnissen (SP)
2013: Category Daily News – Farewell meeting of a young dying man

Jean-Pierre Jans
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